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Frequently Asked Questions
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1      What is Train4Exam?

Train4Exam is an English Exam Simulator online only, which allows you to both check your English knowledge and level, and also to get used to the experience of taking an official exam with international recognition.

2      Who can use Train4Exam?

Train4Exam can be used by anyone, irrespective of age, with the intention to take an official English exam and who wants to replicate the experience and prepare in advance.
It can also be used by teachers as a means of preparation/assessment in the classroom.

3      What levels are available?

Available levels are: A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced.

4      How can I access the exam simulator?

Go on our website: and choose the component or exam simulator (full components) you want to take (from the list available from A2 to C1 level) and add it to your cart.
Then, you need to register on our website (create an account). As soon as we receive confirmation of payment, we will send you a confirmation email and you can access My Account (using the data you have registered with).
Go to Exam Simulator zone, select the component and start the test. ***Read the instructions that will appear on your screen before you start the test.

5      How can I pay?

You can pay ONLY online by using a credit card. 

6      I have signed up, but I haven’t received a confirmation email

Please check your spam folder. The confirmation email is sent from It’s a good idea to add this to your address book and safe sender list to ensure our emails reach you.
If you entered an incorrect email address when creating an account, please email us with the correct address.

7      Can I use Train4Exam on my phone?

Train4exam was created to simulate the experience of a real exam, in a Computer-Based format. Thus, its technical development was made for laptop / computer.

8      Internet Requirements / Software / Downloading the Content

Train4Exam is an online platform; therefore, it is not required to download or install anything else.
However, an active internet connection is necessary at all times. You cannot access the components / simulator while offline.
Minimum internet connection speed - 1 Mbps
***stable high-speed connection (cable) is recommended.

9      If my PC stops in the middle of the test, where and how do I start again?

If the test stops / the internet disconnects / the computer shuts down, you need to log in again in the platform and access the component. It will resume from the question you were left with, and 10 seconds are added to the remained time.

10      Do I have to take all parts of the test together or can I take them separately?

You can access all components of the exam simulator on the same day or on separate days, when the time is right for you.
However, for an experience as close as possible to the real one, we recommend that you allocate your time similar to an official exam (Access one component, 15-minute break, access the next component, 15-minute break, and so on)

11      If I buy all the components at one level, is there a specific order of accessing the written ones?

You can choose the order of the written components you want to access (Reading / Listening / Writing), according to your preference.
However, for an experience as close as possible to the real one, we recommend that you follow the order of an official exam (Reading / Reading and Use of English, followed by Writing, and then Listening).

12      What do I do after finishing a component?

The test ends automatically once the time has run out. However, if you finish early, you can click on the “End test” button and submit your answers.
Warning! Once you have clicked the “End Test” button, you cannot re-take the test. You will need to buy a new component to repeat the experience.

13      How much time do I have to complete each test?

Each component has a specific time allocated. There is a countdown timer on the upper part of the screen for each component, showing how much time you have left until the end of the test.

14      When do I get my results?

You’ll get instant score after finishing Reading / Reading & Use of English / Listening component.
For Speaking and Writing we are committing to providing you with the score within 72 working hours.

15      What information will I receive in the results form?

You will be able to see a summary of the number of your correct answers / part and the marks obtained for each of the parts. Also, you will get a percentage, a score and a level on the CEFR scale.
For Speaking and Writing we are committing to providing you with the score within 72 working hours. Moreover, our experienced assessors will provide you for the Speaking / Writing components with invaluable personalized feedback underlining your strengths and points to work on so you can get a better pass rate at the official exam.
The results are also stored in your account so you can check them whenever you want to.

16      Can I see my wrong answers? Can I see the correct answers?

Within the platform, the content of the wrong/valid answers cannot be viewed, but only the number of correct answers for each part. It is our view that students should try to avoid giving too much prominence to specific mistakes when doing practice tests.
The guidance we give with Train4Exam is quite useful in this regard where we indicate your performance is ‘on track’ (above 85%), ‘borderline’ (above 60%) or ‘need improvement’ (under 59%) and this is equally applicable when using different exam preparation materials. In addition, however, you need to use your judgement to help you determine when to take an exam.
Practice tests are just one diagnostic indicator that you can make use of when forming your judgement, but it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor as you ought to take a holistic view of your abilities across all components. Also, candidates’ performances in the different skills are likely to vary and of course this is true for the real exam as well.

17      Who evaluates the Writing / Speaking component?

These components are evaluated by our accredited examiners who use the same assessment criteria as those used in the official exam. Based on these criteria, feedback is also provided.

18      Do I need headphones for the listening part?

We recommend using headphones so that the experience is as faithful as possible to the real exam taking into consideration that all computer-based exams require a set of headphones for the Listening part.
Make sure you have connected them to your computer before you start the Listening component. You can check the volume and functionality of your headphones & audio system before you start the test, by clicking on the “Check sound” button from the instructions screen that will appear on your desktop.

19      What do I have to do after the listening part starts?

Make sure you have your headphones on and adjust the volume before you start the test. Follow the instructions appearing on screen and listen to the recording carefully, as there is no pause button. A narrator will give you clear instructions of what you have to do. Mark your answers as you listen and click on the different parts of the test.
The test does not automatically change from one page to the next, so you need to click on the next page or use the arrow to continue.

20      How will I know what to do during the Listening component?

When you click on the “Check Sound” button, a narrator will give you clear instructions of what you have to do. Start the test only when you feel ready.
Mark your answers as you listen and click on the different parts of the test. Follow the instructions for each part of the test and listen to the recording carefully, as there is no pause button.
The test does not automatically change from one part to the next, so you need to click on the next part or use the arrow from the bottom of the page to continue.

21      Can I pause a test?

No, there is no pause button. Once you have started a component, you have to make sure you finish it within the time limit.

22      Can another person log in to my account?

Surely. Anyone who possesses the login details can access the platform. Be careful, however, the same component cannot be retaken. In order for another person who logs in to have access to a test, another purchase must be made.

23      Can I take the component again?

You cannot take the same component twice. You need to purchase another component to access a new test.

24      If I take 2 tests of the same component, will they have different content?

Train4Exam content is dynamic. The platform works like a pack of cards, each part of a component representing a different pack. Thus, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) uses the shuffle method.

Example: The Writing component has two parts - PART 1+ PART 2, there are 3 available samples in the platform:

  • 3 samples PART 1 (a, b, c)
  • 3 samples PART 2 (x, y, z).
Therefore, at the first simulation, you can have PART 1 - a + PART 2 - x, and in the second, PART 1 - c + PART 2 - x. There is no guarantee that all parts will be different, just like in card games.

25      Simulator Questions Can be Printed?

The questions of Train4Exam cannot be printed.
Online-only access guarantees you are viewing the most recent question database. This is important because we update our questions and explanations quite regularly (sometimes daily) based on feedback from our users.

26      Can I get components / pre-exams in bulk for schools / centres?

Of course, please write to us via where you mention how many and which levels you want to purchase. Our experts will answer within a maximum time range of 72 hours.

27      Using Train4Exam guarantees passing the official exam?

Please note that a passing score in the simulator shows no guarantee that you will pass your exam. Results and statistics obtained in the simulator may help identify weak areas, but they are neither an implicit nor explicit guarantee for exam success.

28      What is the secret to passing an official English exam?

Practise, practise, practise and test your knowledge with Train4Exam before taking the official English exam.

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